BeccaBecca's Porcelain Dollmaking Studio

Hi, my name is Becca.  I am a Doll Artisan Guild Instructor and hold the Triple Crown of Dollmaking and Master of Doll Educator.  I have been active in the porcelain dollmaking industry since 1982.  My focus in porcelain dollmaking is to recreate the wonderful art of porcelain dolls.  Fascination and my love of history drew me to the classics.  The beauty and costuming of past histories are a challenge and the final results produce a beautiful doll.

In order to share my passion for porcelain dollmaking and creating these dolls, I began to teach classes in porcelain dollmaking.  I love when people call me and ask about certain soft-fired greenware heads that they wish to purchase, ask questions about costuming, painting techniques, as they do not have anyone close by to help them.  One of my greatest pleasures is when a student finishes their doll and the joy I see through their eyes makes the sharing of porcelain dollmaking the greatest reward.

I invite you to look at the extensive listing of soft-fired greenware [SFGW], and learn how you might find your special hobby in porcelain dollmaking.

Be sure and visit The Bay Area Doll Club.